Partnership Culture Is Best For Success

Posted on March 22, 2017

Certain workplace culture characteristics consistently bring about higher financial performance, according to a study done by one…

The Fraud Triangle

Posted on March 22, 2017

In order to understand how to prevent and deter fraud from happening in your organization, first you must understand the elements…

Leaving A Legacy For Your Heirs

Posted on March 21, 2017

Despite its name, the term "dynasty trust" has nothing to do with aristocracy. It involves preserving wealth for your heirs. A…

Contacting Law Enforcement Officials After Detecting Fraud

Posted on March 21, 2017

Let's say your company has detected internal fraudulent activity, fired the employee involved and documented the findings. Now, you…

Benefits Of Charitable Remainder Trusts

Posted on March 18, 2017

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is an irrevocable trust set up to benefit a charitable organization. The trust's term is one…

Estate Planning With 529 Accounts

Posted on March 17, 2017

Saving for college is one of the most daunting financial tasks a family can face, taking as much commitment and careful planning as…

Two Charitable Trusts That Provide Dual Benefit

Posted on March 16, 2017

Two popular charitable giving vehicles are charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) and charitable lead trusts (CLTs). They are what's…

Understanding The Benefits of S Corps

Posted on March 14, 2017

Whether you're setting up a new company or you've been in business for years, you need to evaluate which legal structure is best…

Succession Planning Requires Smart Strategies

Posted on March 10, 2017

Succession planning is important in any business, but it's sometimes overlooked in family-owned operations. This is a big mistake.…

Fraud Risks and Remedies

Posted on March 10, 2017

In the past decade, the not-for-profit sector has been hit by a number of financial scandals. White-collar crime isn't limited to…

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