October 2014

Homeowners’ Association Tax Forms

Posted on October 22, 2014

Homeowners’ associations are unique in that there are three different tax forms that one could file, depending on its…

Form 1023-EZ

Posted on October 08, 2014

The IRS released a new, easier Form 1023 this summer.  Now most organizations with gross receipts of $50,000 or less and assets of…

IRS Rules For Charitable Deductions

Posted on October 06, 2014

As the year draws to a close, you may decide to donate cash or property to one or more worthy causes. Besides the satisfaction of…

Organizing Your Finances

Posted on October 06, 2014

In our busy lives, it's sometimes tough to corral our financial records. Bills, paycheck stubs, tax returns, and bank statements…

Gift Tax Exclusion

Posted on October 06, 2014

Time is running out for making 2014 tax-free gifts. You have only a few more months to use your annual gift tax exclusion for this…

Selling Your Business? Avoid These Mistakes

Posted on October 06, 2014

Most entrepreneurs eventually think about selling their businesses, whether as a prelude to retirement or to pursue other…

Compute Depreciation Convention At Year End

Posted on October 06, 2014

Under the modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS) (which is more commonly known as depreciation), a half-year timing…

Are Employer Provided Meals Deduction/Income?

Posted on October 06, 2014

Every year the IRS publishes a list of projects that are currently on its agenda. For example, the IRS may indicate through this…

Employers Prepare For Employer Mandate And Code Sec. 6056 Reporting

Posted on October 06, 2014

As January 1, 2015 draws closer, many employers are gearing up for the “employer mandate” under the Affordable Care Act. For 2015,…

New Changes For 2014 Year End Tax Planning

Posted on October 06, 2014

Before the fast-approaching new year, it’s important to take some time and reflect on year-end tax planning. The weeks pass quickly…

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