DWD Contributes to Local Nonprofit

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2011

On behalf of our clients this holiday season, Dulin, Ward & DeWald has made a contribution to a local nonprofit, the Associated Churches Food Network.

Associated Churches Food Bank is an “emergency food bank” offering families food once a month at no charge through a network of 28 local food pantries in churches and social agencies. Pantries provide a five-day supply of food to prepare balanced and nutritious meals as recommended by the Department of Agriculture nutrition food chart. Clients must abide by the guidelines of the Food Bank Systems.

“As of the end of October we were serving 1,500 more families per month than we were in January. Meanwhile our largest food drive, Stamp Out Hunger, brought in 87,000 fewer pounds of food than 2010, government funding has been reallocated for harder hit areas and also for housing needs, grants continue to be received but often at a reduced amount, and food and fuel prices fail to go down to any marked degree. All these factors have resulted in incredibly challenging times for the Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network and makes us appreciate every single gift we are blessed to receive. Many thanks to DWD for your recent donation! It will help us purchase food to ensure balanced meals for those who are hungry.” -Charlene Rorick, Communications Coordinator at Associated Churches

"When I think of your gift, and your intent to use your budgeted client gift funds to provide basic emergency food relief - I am deeply moved. These are "holy" funds that will give hope and encouragement into dark places. Please know that our gratitude runs deep, especially when you see the children's faces with the week supply of good food you provided. Thanks for being a blessing in our community. " - Roger Reece, Executive Pastor, Associated Churches

Dulin, Ward & DeWald staff Amanda Gerber, Carrie Minnich, and Susan Berghoff with Rev. Roger Reece (Executive Pastor of Associated Churches)

Posted by: Carrie Minnich, CPA

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