Employers Want More Productive Workplaces

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2019

Employers wanting more productive workplaces should consider examining their benefits options. Researchers found that about 40 percent of American workers highly recommend the places they work as good jobs to others. They also found the people who did recommend their workplaces were more likely to feel satisfied with the benefits their employers offered.

Take a look at some of these research findings:

About 60 percent of workers who recommended their workplaces also said that benefits were of great importance to them and were one of the reasons why they kept working for the same employer.
About half of the respondents said they would be willing to pay higher prices for benefits if they had more options to choose from.
Nearly 60 percent of employers who were interviewed said voluntary benefits were excellent savings strategies. There was a similar survey conducted in 2012, which showed about 30 percent of employers felt this way.

Experts decided workplaces where better benefits were offered had an obvious connection with job satisfaction of workers. The survey also showed most employees are willing to pay more for more choices and better benefits, so employers should realize their opportunities for offering better choices without paying too much are very real. If companies offer better benefit options, it is crucial for them to encourage their workers to participate. This recent study revealed about 40 percent of workers were happy with their participation levels in benefits programs. It also showed some ways employers could raise the level of participation.

Better Information, Better Participation

One of the best ways for companies to improve their workers' participation rates is to enhance communications regarding those benefits. Over 50 percent of employers said they felt the information provided was easy enough for all of their workers to understand. Yet only about 45 percent of workers agreed with this statement, so this means employers clearly are lacking in effective communication methods. More than one-third of workers rated their employers' benefits communications as average or below average.

Building a comparison process which will make workers feel more comfortable is the first and most important step for employers to take. Nearly three-quarters of employers providing online enrollment said they were satisfied with participation rates of workers. They also said buying experiences were favorable in comparison with the experiences documented online.

It is important for employers everywhere to take the necessary time to review the needs of workers and analyze their own benefits offerings. If they are able to improve the experiences of voluntary benefits shopping for workers and offer more options, they will be able to increase satisfaction levels of workers and keep better talent.

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