Prevent a Workplace Flu Epidemic By Hosting Onsite Vaccine Clinic

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2019

Employers can prevent workplace flu epidemics by hosting vaccination clinics onsite. If this is not possible, employers would be wise to provide information about where they can obtain flu vaccines. Many communities offer these shots in different locations, and some of the vaccine providers will give special discounted prices for low-income individuals or families.

Are You Planning to Make
Flu Shots Available?

For employers who consider offering off-site vaccination events or discounted shots to their workforce, the following steps should be taken:

Ask the health facility to host the event and follow instructions for arrangements.

Make sure HR policies are flexible enough to permit workers enough time to be vaccinated.

Use multiple forms of communications to promote the event and encourage participation.

Ensure posters and other promotional materials are in high-traffic areas of the workplace.

Sure, the responsibility lies with the individuals, but it is likely in the best interest of your operations to at least provide information about getting immunized. This step can help lower the number of illness-related absences each year when flu season hits. There are some pharmacies that offer special business partnerships, which means they can provide their employees with more affordable vaccines in those facilities.

Some employers also offer on-site flu vaccine clinics in the workplace for lowered fees or for free. For employers with existing health clinics in the workplace, it is much easier to host an on-site flu vaccine clinic. Many pharmacy companies are also willing to host these clinics in workplaces for a fee if there are enough participants expected. For employers planning to host vaccination clinics in the workplace, the following steps should be taken:

Make sure employee vaccinations are a priority for the company.
Make supporting goals for the vaccination program.
Have a senior manager negotiate a buy-in option which supports the clinic.
Ask employees what they think of an on-site flu vaccination option.
Appoint a vaccination coordinator who has specific ideas for planning the event.
Decide if it is necessary to contract outside of the business for the program.
Ensure managers are aware workers are allowed to attend the event.
Use special incentives such as bonuses or refreshments to encourage participation.
Offer vaccines in all branches if there are multiple company branches.
Schedule the vaccines at a time which will promote maximum employee participation.
Weigh needs against demands for employee flu vaccines.
Think about the benefits of providing employees' families with vaccinations.
Stress the importance of participation in the vaccine event.
Make sure the location of the vaccination clinic is a comfortable place.
Use articles, newsletters, flyers and other communications to promote the event.
Ask managers and supervisors to take vaccines first to lead by example.

If hosting an onsite vaccination clinic is not feasible, employers can still promote flu shots by communicating the importance to their workforce. Some may want to make offsite arrangements and let employees know the details (see right-hand box). Whatever you choose to do, don't ignore the problem. A simple outbreak could lead to a disastrous epidemic which could bring your wheels of operation to a grinding halt.

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