At DWD, we understand the complexity those involved in the agriculture industry face. Increasing regulations and labor issues can easily affect the bottom line of your business, especially without appropriate planning and guidance. DWD has experience in working with agriculture businesses of all types. Whether you work with livestock, grow crops or rent your land, it is important to maintain up-to-date and accurate records for accounting purposes.

DWD provides a variety of services to those in the agriculture industry. Some commonly provided services include:

Our accounting services provide farmers with the information needed to make sound business decisions and have a healthy cash flow position. Let DWD give you confidence in the protection of your land and assets to preserve the wealth for future generations to come. Please contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

"Bruner Dental has been with DWD for well over 15 years. The entire team at DWD has been helpful in many ways. From simple questions day to day, to audits, payroll needs, and much more; they…"

Rondell Nelson

Bruner Dental