June 2018

Is a Stormwater Permit Required for Your Construction Project?

Posted on June 29, 2018

The term "stormwater" refers to any runoff after rain or snow from a barren piece of land, an area with vegetation, or constructed…

When Is a Will ‘Ancient?’

Posted on June 29, 2018

There may be a time when you come across an old will of someone who recently died. Perhaps it is discovered in an old file cabinet.…

A Direct Way to Save Time and Money

Posted on June 29, 2018

When you hear the term "direct deposit," you may think about payroll but that is not the only way businesses can use this time and…

Videoconferencing: Sharpen Your Company’s Focus

Posted on June 29, 2018

Travel costs can quickly mount for many companies, so you may want to look into videoconferencing as a way to keep the spending…

Doing Business Abroad: Illegal Payoffs Can Take a Toll

Posted on June 29, 2018

Bribery of government officials is widely viewed as a major problem that, left unchecked, can draw in large and small companies as…

Tax Alert on Real Estate Sales by Foreigners

Posted on June 27, 2018

The IRS recently issued a two-part warning concerning certain real estate transactions. The warning focuses on the tax law…

Blended Families: Handling Financial Matters After Remarriage

Posted on June 27, 2018

Estate planning can especially complicated for those who remarry. In addition to considering your spouse and children in your…

Good PR Can Help Your Company Avoid Litigation

Posted on June 27, 2018

As you already know, public relations professionals can help your company get publicity about the products or services you provide.…

Understanding Taxes Owed on Traditional IRA Withdrawals

Posted on June 27, 2018

If you own one or more traditional IRAs, you will probably take some withdrawals sooner or later. These withdrawals are "taxable,"…

What is a Personal Guarantee and Should I Grant One?

Posted on June 27, 2018

Most lenders require the individual owner of a small business to personally guarantee loans made to a business. This pledge…

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