About Us

Accounting, Audit and Tax Services for Businesses, Individuals and Nonprofit Organizations

Our Mission:

To be the trusted advisor to businesses, organizations and individuals by assisting them in managing their current and future financial success

DWD is an accounting firm that tailors its services to each client’s specific needs. Our goal in serving clients is to maximize resources and minimize expenses by providing practical and efficient accounting, audit, and tax services; services that are perceived as valuable rather than merely a cost of doing business.

DWD serves clients with complex tax issues, such as multi-state income tax, trusts and estate taxes, and assists them with minimizing their tax burden while controlling the destiny of their wealth.

DWD clients benefit from the firm’s assistance with establishing and maintaining organized financial information and tax records. Financial information that is managed throughout the year creates ease when making decisions related to the financial goals of a business, nonprofit organization, an individual or a family.

"During the later months of 2015, our program found ourselves upside down due to several problems and in need of a change.  We needed to find a professional CPA Business who could help us get…"

Kevin Pauley, Treasurer

Grant Co. Sheriff's Dept. Chaplaincy Program